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Rønnest Kajak

Latest News - Headlines
New engine mount w/ foot steering
Rear mounted electric engine   Another unique feature on the Rønnest Kayak Rear mounted electric engine with foot controls. ... read more
Fishing from the kayak standing up
The Rønnest Kayak has been developed with flexibility and several uses in mind. The Rønnest Angler not only offers what is most likely the world's best sit-on-top hull, but also a kayak that right from the beginning offers a wealth of flexible solutions, which allows you to equip the kayak t... read more
Why Rønnest Angler is the best fishing kayak
... and why we love fishing from a kayak! A more exciting way to fish. See nature in a new way. Catch more fish (and have more fun not catching fish). Learn more about the ecosystems you fish. Move around silently and fast. Very low... read more
Mid river brunch
  Picture this scenario: An early summer morning, the sun is rising and slowly warming up a beautiful, ... read more
From idea to product
From idea to product. The development of the Rønnest Kayak. How difficult can it really be to make a kayak? Well, quite difficult, actually - at least when the ambition is to deliver the world's best combination of stability, speed and functionality. Join us in the engine room and learn about the process and the thought... read more
Dealer network
Dealer please look at DK site ... read more